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Don't forget we're meeting today at washingtonpost.com in Arlington, Va. For details, see our class syllabus.

More on Blogs -- Class Favorites

All of the blogs that I asked you to look at in the last assignment were written by professional journalists or former journalists -- including the very personal postings from Jessica Shyu, who graduated from our college not too long ago and is now working as a teacher in New Mexico in the Teach for America program.

But, as many of you noted in your comments, many blogs are not by professional writers--but are still interesting, due to the quality of the comments from the main author and other contributors.

Here are a few other blogs that you and your classmates say you look at - some more regularly than others. Some are written by journalists, while others are not:

To find more, try the search tool www.technorati.com; news sites such as www.washingtonpost.com, www.chron.com and www.usatoday.com and (which often host reporters as bloggers); and blogging tools, such as www.blogger.com.