Olivia's Favorite Photo


Artisic and scenery photos are great but I feel photos that can bring out strong emotions are the best. This photo by itself would probably make you wonder why the bride is hanging her head. This photo is the last in a series documenting a young woman's strife as she clings to her life so she can marry the man who's been in love with her since the 11th grade. She was suffering from cancer and such an eventful day put her at a point of serious exhaustion. The fact that she wanted to even go through with the wedding really surprised me. It was if she had the "where there's a will, there's a way" mind set. She certainly had the will. Unfortunately, she died 5 days after her wedding. At that point, her death could be considered a tragedy. She gave it her all to make it through and then didn't make it. The bright side of it all is that she was able to experience the happiest day of her life before the end.


Arelis' Favorite Photo


This picture shows the silhouette of a Rajasthani boy riding a camel in a desert sunset near the India-Pakistani border. This picture just reminds me of so many things, one of which is that Disney movie Aladdin..haha. The truth is I am a big fan of the sun and the radiant beauty it spills upon the earth..basically I am a sucker for sunsets and sunrises. The sun is a prominent character in this photo, although it figures small in the bottom half of the photo, its light touches everything. The little boy reminds me of how vastly diverse the human experience is. Around the world people are living so incredibly different to the way I live and yet this photo connects me to a person I will never know. I also find it so ironic that so much peace emanates from a photo of a region that is enveloped in conflict and ethnic strife. I love the layers where first you have the sand to establish the location, then the boy to show the subject, and then the sun in the background giving the last word on a scene that is froth with humanity.

My Favorite Photo


My favorite photo is "Hopelessness in Balakot." What I like about this photo is how you immediately know what's going on without needing to read a caption. What makes the photo even more powerful is how each of the photo's layers or levels add to or can tell the story on its own. For instance, on the lower level you have the victims lined up, sitting very close to each other as if they're saying "we'll get through this together" or something, as they look at the damages. Then you have the fallen tree and the damaged buildings (signs of devastation) in another level and then the mountain tops in another. Also, looking at the horizon in the picture made me wonder "what's next or what else does the future have in store for them?" I also like the light from the sun in the photo. I think it adds to the story as well by giving that "there's hope" feel as the victims wait for the helicopter.


Bouldering - why this photo stands out

NPPA: Best of Photojournalism 2006: Still Photography Winners: Sports Picture Story is a great shot for a couple reasons.

It gets across the giant, unforgiving nature of these rocks and the relatively small, malleable humans who climb them.

The cloud pattern is abstract yet threatening, almost like a neutral density filter may have been used.

Technically, the few branches at the top right corner of the frame could be considered a mistake, but I think they provide a nice mild counterbalance to the forboding rock structure.

- Ted Sawchuck

Favorite Photo, Rachel Mauro


This photo was taken by Andrea Bruce of the Washington Post and is entitled "Widows of the River," as it depicts Hindu widows washing by the Ganges River in India. I like how, even though it is shot in black and white, you can acutely see the sunlight shining from behind the woman who is such a prominent figure in the center of the frame. I also like how the details and shadows are clearly visible in the folds of the womens' clothes and the waves in the water. The basket, which obscures the kneeling woman is a source of mystery though it is explained in the caption.

Laura's favorite photo

Hi everyone,

I love the photograph called "Local Portrait and Personality." The lighting on the child's face really brings out her emotions. The color and light on her beautiful eyes reveal the shock she is experiencing. The focus of the photo is directly on her with no background images to make out. This is important because the photo is about her and nothing else. She is the focus because she represents the aftermath of the earthquake. The picture is cropped well to focus only on her.

This picture can be found at http://bop.nppa.org/2006/still_photography/winners/LPP/69456/137740.html.





This photo, in addition to excellent use of shadows and the available lighting, coveys how large the ships are relative to the men who work on the reclamation/demolition projects, usually with little more than hacksaws, sledgehammers or, very occasionally, a blowtorch. The man pictured is dwarfed by one of the blades of one of the ship's propellers, which is only a tiny fraction of the size of the ship itself. The use of black and white enhances the viewers' sense of the bleakness of the scene as well as the ships' mass.

No words are needed


This photo is great because it immediately shows the contrast between nine-year-old Edward, who was born without legs, and other children. The school setting, the expression on Edward's face and the row of tennis shoes all help set a tone for the package, too. Wish I could take photos like that.
Another really cool thing: Paul, the photographer, is one of my former co-workers (and still a friend). I was writing about schools when we worked together and I was always glad to find out he would be my shooting one of my stories.

My photo - Eric


I especially loved this photo by David Guttenfelder of the Associated Press because it has a wonderful contrast of color from the fading bleak colors in the background of the houses in the alley and then the brightness of the dye that is in the air and on the Indian boy. It really show the action and surprise in this boy's face when he is pelted with dye in celebration of this holy holiday.

Joey's photo

My favorite photo off of the poynter website was a photo from an NFL game that received first place in the Team Sports Action category in 2003. The link can be found at javascript:makewin('http://www.poynterextra.org/NPPA2003pj/sat.htm', 790, 650, 'scrollbars').

I thought it was a great photo because it captivated the intensity of the game being played, and it focused in on the action even after the play had ended.

Good Photo - Lisa


I liked this photograph because it has a very strong point of entry. The colors of the person and his background combined with the more normal scenery to the left gives a visual surprise to the viewer. The lighting is really good and it is a dominant foreground with an informational background, giving us a sense of place. Finally, it's almost a little graphic with the buildings in the background, and the man and the colors almost flowing perfectly covering up one building.

-Lisa Seaman

Heads up!

What's up guys? Mike, here. The photo I'm writing about was in the "Best Sports Enterprise" section (take a look)


I think this picture is just great. You probably all heard me laughing out loud in class when I saw it. The photo is great because it really captures the emotion of the moment -- I think most of us can agree we would exhibit similar emotion with a splintered piece of lumber flying at our heads at high speed. Aside from that, the lighting is great, the photo is tight and all of the faces are in focus. My two favorite fans are the old guy in the lower right corner (who would have stood no chance at getting out of the way should the bat have came directly toward him) and the guy in the top left who looks like he really think's he's about to die (he might if he chokes on that big wad of gum).

This is a picture taken by 1st place winner David Guttenfelder from the Associated Press. It's a picture of an Indian man apart of the Hindu festival of colors in the old city of Dehli on March 26, 2005. I really like this shot, first and foremost, for its use of color. The sharp constrast of the vibrant red and green really makes this photo eye-popping. Also the background image shows a typical image of the city, while the foreground shows an example of a very important ritual to these people. The festival is meant to celebrate fertility and Hindu gods and this picture represents the importance of this event. In this way, it is fascinating for how it looks and what it means.

Adena's Favorite Photo

Hi Everyone!

My favorite photograph from the NPPA: The Best of Photojournalism 2006 can be found by clicking on the following link:


The photo features an Afghan man washing himself near Kabul. I like this photo for a variety of reasons. First of all, I think that the shot is framed very well, as the man washing himself is found in the lower third on the right side of the photo. Also, I really like the colors in the photo, since it appears that the picture was taken right around sundown.

In terms of content and emotional value, I like this photo because it contrasts most that we see of Afghan subjects. When we usually think of Afghanistan, we consider photos of camouflaged soldiers and fleeing civilians. This photo displays a rare quiet moment in which the countryside appears peaceful. A man is just carrying out his daily routine. In addition, the mountain behind the man is quite striking, adding to the value of the photo.

Have a Good Week!

Stunning photos


This photo, taken during the Hurricane Katrina disaster, is an excellent photo for its ability to capture the chaos by simply showing the faces of two extremely different personalities. With gun-in-hand police officers and crying children carried in a moving cart in the background, the photo still directs the viewer's attention to an elderly lady and young child. This lady, aged 105, has this determined face that shows her frustrations, yet she seems able to handle it all. The five-year-old black child is possibly as opposite as possible from the old lady and yet she is holding her hand, leading her to safety, or so it seems. With clarity and color balance, the old lady-young child duo makes for a stunning photo.

Good Photo-Fighting Blaze

Kathy Park-


This photo is a 1st place winner in the small market category. It shows two firemen working hard to fight a blaze in a residential neighborhood. What's so interesting about this photo is that the next door neighbor is almost oblivious to the event. He is seen leaving his house to walk his dog, while his neighbor's house is burning away!

This event is so unbelievable, that it makes for a good photo. When I first looked at it, I stared at it in disbelief. It's a moment rarely caught on camera. All the basic elements of a good photo is present, but most importantly, it triggers a reaction.


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