2011's Top Searches for Google and Yahoo

Now that 2011 nears an end, websites are steadily posting those top stories of the year. Here's what ABCNews.com says were Google's and Yahoo's "fastest rising searches" for 2011.


Journalists on Twitter

Many editors and professors encourage (strongly) for their journalists to be active on Twitter. However, at the same time, criticize the under-reported and inaccurate information that is often posted on the social media site, not necessarily by journalists. My question is this, in order to further define the distinction between active citizenship and journalism, would journalists be better served just staying off of Twitter?


So it's not really out with the old, then

This post on Chris Daly's blog reminded me of the brewing feud between the FONers and the FOMers that we discussed today in class. Daly is a journalism professor at Boston University.


Twitter's New Design

Speaking of twitter, the New York Times recently released this article about some design changes the social network is making to attract more users and advertisers.