Examples of multimedia stories

As you build out your multimedia/interactive stories over the next few days, I thought you might want to click through some examples of interactive work from students in JOUR 353, the second-level multimedia reporting class...

  • A feature on ghost tours (and alleged sitings) in Ellicott City, with a banner, text, video and pics: http://www.newsline.umd.edu/etcetera/hauntedellicottcity110107.htm

  • A story on the East Campus development project, with a story, video, a banner, photos and links: http://www.newsline.umd.edu/business/eastcampusforum101707.htm
  • A feature on the sale of furniture from the Watergate Hotel, with photos, audio and text: http://www.newsline.umd.edu/etcetera/watergatesale090707.htm
  • A feature story on the opening of the Newseum, with text, photos and a slide show: http://www.newsline.umd.edu/etcetera/newseum_opens042908.htm
  • A profile of a Maryland author, with video, photos and links
    http://www.newsline.umd.edu/etcetera/jenniferlholm092607.htm--and later a slideshow with audio: http://www.newsline.umd.edu/etcetera/specialreports/bookfestival_slideshow/index.html and
  • A story on a development planned next to College Park, with text, photos, links and a google map: http://www.newsline.umd.edu/business/cafritz111607.htm
  • Multiple Points on a Google Map

    This Web site can create a Google Map with multiple points: http://gmaps.kaeding.name/

    You simply enter in multiple addresses on separate lines and it will create a Google map with multiple points.

    After creating your map just copy and paste the code onto the page you want it on.