On becoming a student entrepreneur

Amy Reinink, who is an SPJ-DC member and friend, just wrote a great piece for the Washington Post Magazine on college students who are either skipping college to become entrepreneurs or graduating from school as their own boss. While the University of Maryland probably does not want us to skip out on our graduate studies, there are some valuable lessons from this story that I think our professors would urge us to use and apply. I think that to a large extent, digital and online media give us an opportunity as journalists to think in new and exciting ways.

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Join us to discuss media diversity in Brazil, South Africa, US with 3 guest speakers

I thought you might be interested in a seminar a colleague and I are moderating this Friday at 1.30pm. Paulo Rogerio is from Brazil, and he will be talking about media diversity in Brazil and I will be giving the perspective from South Africa. There will also be three guest speakers from leading agencies in the U.S.