Gentle Reminder About Your Role on the Class Blog

Class, a gentle reminder that, along with commenting on blog threads that I start for class, each of you is required to start at least one discussion thread on a timely new-media topic. This post -- and your comments on your classmates' posts -- count toward your class participation grade. Feel free to read through past semesters' blog archives for examples....

Strong and not so strong headlines

Blog assignment due at the start of class Oct. 22: Please search through news websites you frequent for a strong and not-so-adept headline, based on our recent headline writing discussion. Explain why you think each is good or poor in a Comment under this post. Please be sure to give the full URL and headline for each. Include a sentence or two of constructive comments. Please be sure your criticism is tactful: Our class blog is online for the world to see (although only the class can comment to it.) Please don't write anything you'd be embarrassed by if strangers see -- or if the headline writers see!