Web Resumes Due

Class, a reminder that your Web resume pages are due at the start of class on Wednesday, Feb. 14. You save a copy of the resume to the x drive to turn it in. (X is a staging area that I can access.) I will copyedit all your resumes and return them to you the following week, at which point you will put in the changes, and I will move them to the live server. Then I will explain how to find them on the Internet.

Here is a reminder about the requirements for this resume assignment:
It should include subheads, internal (anchor) links, an e-mail address link, at least one external hyperlink, and at least one bulleted list. Your resume should also include a horizontal rule. Background colors are optional, as are changed link colors. Each factual mistake will result in one letter-grade deduction, as will each broken link. Unreadable resumes (because of bad color choices for fonts or backgrounds) will result in an automatic F. Assignments lose a full letter grade for each day that they're late. YOU MUST FOLLOW AP STYLE FOR PRINT THROUGHOUT; this includes for dates and addresses.

Reminders: I recommend you save references on a sheet separate from your resume; I also recommend eliminating "objective" from your resume. That topic is best dealt with in a cover letter.


when do we put the resumes online?

Hey Professor Harvey, I was a little confused because the stuff we did in class isn't actually on the web already is it? And how are we going to transfer the html coding to an actual site that will appear on the Internet for others to view.

Welcome to Our Blog!

Class, throughout the semester I'll be asking you to weigh in with thoughts on published headlines, photos, news sites and more.

This is your space for sharing thoughts.

Please remember that many eyes beyond this class may see this; be respectful even when you're critiquing.

Participation in the blog will count toward your class grade.