Blogs You Visit Regularly

Here are some of the blogs you mentioned in your analyses that you visit regularly:

* Perez Hilton for gossip and stories about celebs.
* The Superficial, on celebrity news and commentary.
* La Chola, at brownfemipower.com, for reporting, opinion and commentary.
* The Oppenheimer Report on Latin America, on MiamiHerald.com. Commentary with reporting.
* Stuff White People Like. Satire/commentary. And, according to The Washington Post--soon to be a book.
* Political Punch, by Jake Tapper, on ABCNews.com. A roundup of current political events.
* Green Fertility, a personal blog that focuses on environmental causes and vegetarianism.
* Autoblog, on news in the auto world.
* D.C. Sports Blog, commentary and a reporter's notebook from Dan Steinberg of The Washington Post.
* boingboing.net--funny items and technology news.

Other final thoughts on these blogs or others in general?