Oh well... too late now

This is especially for Kathy, Jack and me. Here's how it starts: "Let’s say you’ve been a journalist for a while but you feel a bit out of the loop when it comes to using social media and multimedia... Should you go to grad school?

'Lord, no,' says Jen Lee Reeves of KOMU-TV, who’s on the faculty at the University of Missouri. 'You can teach yourself anything. You just need a little quiet time.'"

Aye, and there's the rub. Where do you find 'quiet time'?

You can read the whole story here. If you have trouble following all of the logic in it, please let me know.

The dangers of tweeting

A few high profile slip-ups on Twitter illustrate why we have to think twice before cooing or clucking on the 140-character communication medium. In defense of the French minister, he was sending a message to his wife. He just messed up and, instead of pushing just her buttons, pushed one that tweeted the message to her and 14,000 followers.


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