Web Resumes Due

Class, a reminder that your Web resume pages are due at the start of class on Wednesday, Feb. 14. You save a copy of the resume to the x drive to turn it in. (X is a staging area that I can access.) I will copyedit all your resumes and return them to you the following week, at which point you will put in the changes, and I will move them to the live server. Then I will explain how to find them on the Internet.

Here is a reminder about the requirements for this resume assignment:
It should include subheads, internal (anchor) links, an e-mail address link, at least one external hyperlink, and at least one bulleted list. Your resume should also include a horizontal rule. Background colors are optional, as are changed link colors. Each factual mistake will result in one letter-grade deduction, as will each broken link. Unreadable resumes (because of bad color choices for fonts or backgrounds) will result in an automatic F. Assignments lose a full letter grade for each day that they're late. YOU MUST FOLLOW AP STYLE FOR PRINT THROUGHOUT; this includes for dates and addresses.

Reminders: I recommend you save references on a sheet separate from your resume; I also recommend eliminating "objective" from your resume. That topic is best dealt with in a cover letter.

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