My Favorite Photo


My favorite photo is "Hopelessness in Balakot." What I like about this photo is how you immediately know what's going on without needing to read a caption. What makes the photo even more powerful is how each of the photo's layers or levels add to or can tell the story on its own. For instance, on the lower level you have the victims lined up, sitting very close to each other as if they're saying "we'll get through this together" or something, as they look at the damages. Then you have the fallen tree and the damaged buildings (signs of devastation) in another level and then the mountain tops in another. Also, looking at the horizon in the picture made me wonder "what's next or what else does the future have in store for them?" I also like the light from the sun in the photo. I think it adds to the story as well by giving that "there's hope" feel as the victims wait for the helicopter.

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