Arelis' Favorite Photo


This picture shows the silhouette of a Rajasthani boy riding a camel in a desert sunset near the India-Pakistani border. This picture just reminds me of so many things, one of which is that Disney movie Aladdin..haha. The truth is I am a big fan of the sun and the radiant beauty it spills upon the earth..basically I am a sucker for sunsets and sunrises. The sun is a prominent character in this photo, although it figures small in the bottom half of the photo, its light touches everything. The little boy reminds me of how vastly diverse the human experience is. Around the world people are living so incredibly different to the way I live and yet this photo connects me to a person I will never know. I also find it so ironic that so much peace emanates from a photo of a region that is enveloped in conflict and ethnic strife. I love the layers where first you have the sand to establish the location, then the boy to show the subject, and then the sun in the background giving the last word on a scene that is froth with humanity.

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