Olivia's Favorite Photo


Artisic and scenery photos are great but I feel photos that can bring out strong emotions are the best. This photo by itself would probably make you wonder why the bride is hanging her head. This photo is the last in a series documenting a young woman's strife as she clings to her life so she can marry the man who's been in love with her since the 11th grade. She was suffering from cancer and such an eventful day put her at a point of serious exhaustion. The fact that she wanted to even go through with the wedding really surprised me. It was if she had the "where there's a will, there's a way" mind set. She certainly had the will. Unfortunately, she died 5 days after her wedding. At that point, her death could be considered a tragedy. She gave it her all to make it through and then didn't make it. The bright side of it all is that she was able to experience the happiest day of her life before the end.

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