Putting LInks in Your Multimedia Stories

Class, I got a good question from one of you, about where to put your required two "Related Links" on the story page of your multimedia project.

To make them stand out, and to also make them easy to find, I'd recommend you put most related links in the table you're creating for your top-of-page photo. In that case, your photo table would have three rows: one for your image; one for your photo caption and photo credit; and one for your related links. Here's an example, from one of my Maryland Newsline students:


If you handle it this way, please make sure your font face for your caption and related links is different than the font face for the body of your story. You don't want them all to blur together. On Newsline, our main text font face is Times New Roman, and our headlines, captions and related links are Arial.

Another way to handle some links, of course, is if a report or company is specifically cited in the text of the story, you could link to it right there in the story. See this example, which uses the side table for one link and the main story for others:


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