Swine Flu Coverage

I think an interesting topic to discuss here relates to all of the swine flu coverage from last week. Coverage has died down recently, but online, newspaper and broadcast stories about the swine flu bombarded Americans every day last week. One could not turn on the TV or log onto a news site without seeing new information about the spreading of the illness. You could get tons of information from the Web alone, with constant updates at your fingertips. But all of this makes me wonder, is the excessive coverage helping to keep Americans informed, or serving to create unneccessary fear in them? I am leaning more toward the latter, especially since it turns out the swine flu is not all that different from the regular flu. What do you guys think?

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Nadine said...

The coverage is so overdone to the point where it's becoming a joke. It's nice that people are remembering more to do simple things like wash their hands, but I don't need to be bombarded with messages to do that. I feel like there has not been a lot of new information to report, so people are just repeating the same regurgitated information.