Multi-Media for The New York Times Dining Section

One of my favorite examples of multi-media can be found on The New York Times Dining and Wine section. Every Wednesday, there is a review of a different restaurant. An audio slide show usually accompanies the review. The writer of the review is actually interviewed for the slide show about his main opinions regarding the restaurant. Throughout the interview, attractive photographs of the eatery's interior and of noteworthy dishes are streamed.

One of the best multi-media packages in the dining section was about the influx of artisinal pizzerias in New York City. Frank Bruni wrote an informative and entertaining column discussing the trend. However, my favorite parts of the feature were the accompanying interactives.

The audio slide show, titled The New Generation of Pizzerias, features Bruni discussing eight new and important pizzerias. Each pizzeria has a separate slide show that consists of about three photographs. This interactive makes me crave pizza every time I watch and listen to it.

There is also a Google map of the five boroughs that shows where the pizzerias are. This is very useful for readers. It shows how online journalism can also be great service journalism.


Lauren said...

I also really like this section! My family uses it to do research when we are planning a trip to NYC and it is very helpful!

Jenna Shulman said...

The multimedia aspect on this site is sooo important because it makes the reader feel like they are there and can clearly visualize the food! I also really enjoy how you can save the pictures on the slideshow and even copy and paste them, this makes it easy to share with friends and family! I'm happy I live so close to NYC and can use this site for future dinner plans :)