Your Multimedia Stories

I'm linking below to your multimedia stories, which will live on our college server for five or six years -- so that assessment teams can review your work.

Our two graduate students, Tina Irgang and Linda Blachly, were required to do a bit more work on these stories than the undergrads.

Most of you also linked to the personal resume/clip packages you created early in the semester on wordpress.com. You linked to these pages in the copyright line of your multimedia story. So if you'd like to peruse each others' work, you should have links to do so for those personal pages, too.

Thanks for all your hard work this semester. You survived units on blogging, tweeting, Web page building and layout, basic photo and video shooting and editing, slide show and google map creation, headline writing and search engine optimization, copyright and libel. You'll be stronger journalists for it. Hopefully, this exposure will make you fearless in picking up and learning other new tools as they come along. And maybe you'll even be creating some of them!

All the best in your internships and jobs this summer! Please keep in touch!

Here are the story links:

Grad Students:

Linda Blachly's Bittersweet Reunion

Tina Irgang's 14th Street Project


Naz Beyranvand's iTouch in the Classroom

Dana Cetrone's Great Oaks

Ben Slivnik's Chatroulette

Matt Wilson's Patuxent River cleanup

Sheila Kelly's Fresh Produce

Gabby LaVerghetta's Asian Activism

Tricia Smith's Pets and the Economy

Hibar Akhtar's Muslim Youth Competition

Whitney Taylor's UMD Water Polo

Matt Ford's German Beergarten

Caitlin O'Brien's Springtime Activities at UMD

Rachel Pryzgoda's UMD Police

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