9/11 Multimedia

Class, please add a link to the 9/11 special report you found for your website.


Ellen said...

Link to article/slideshow/video for Wall Street Journal's 9/11 coverage.

Mike Bock said...

9/11 Coverage from PBS Newshour

Rob Bock said...

9/11 coverage

Ana Sebescen said...

BBC's coverage of 9/11

Tim Ebner said...

NPR.org 9-11 Coverage

Joonji Mdyogolo said...
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Madeline Marshall said...

Philadelphia Inquirer (aka Philly.com

They did a special 9/11 10 Years Later package with lots of links to different stories.
On the main package there is a link to videos from a forum talking about the after-effects of 9/11.

There is an interactive link of Area Soldiers Killed in Combat with names and photos with information on their hometown and how they were killed.
There are multiple articles on 9/11 and one on How Transportation- Especially Air Travel- Has Changed Greatly in the Aftermath of 9/11 with graphics.
They put up an electronic version of the paper from 9/12/2011 as well as The Ones We Lost which is an electronic version of the paper from 10/21/2001 with all the local victims with photos and and profiles.
The site also had many many many many videos.

The part that I thought they didn't do very well was the photo galleries. They had a broad- too broad- coverage. A gallery of Scenes from Sept 11, 2011 has 174 photos. 30-40 is generally considered too many. Even worse, they did a gallery of photos from 9/11/2011 Nation Remembers 9/11 with 482 photos. Yes, 482. I'd like to know how many views they had on number 482 compared to number 2 or 30.

Other than the photo galleries, they had a lot of good multimedia and interactive reporting.

Kathy Johnson said...

A moving story about a woman who lost her husband in the 9/11 attacks.

9/11 package for the post

Karin Zeitvogel said...

NBC New York had a special 9/11 anniversary page dedicated to the ceremony at Ground Zero. Clicking on the first of three pictures that run along the top of the page takes you to a written story, illustrated with a picture of a mother hugging her daughter in front of the Ground Zero waterfalls and the memorial inscribed with the names of the people who died in New York. Clicking on that picture led to a very moving video montage of the 10th anniversary events in New York, narrated only by people reading out the names of those who died.

A third photo on the 9/11 anniversary page takes viewers to a time lapse video of the New York memorial site being built between 2004 and this year. There's no sound, but the 1:27 video is remarkably transfixing.

Scrolling down the main page, there are dozens of stories about 9/11, including one about the email sent out by Adam Mayblum after he escaped from the 87th floor of the north tower, and a story with 11 p.m. local news anchor Chuck Scarborough and reporter Katy Tur about the 11 unborn babies who died with their mothers in the attacks on the World Trade Center. The other story that caught my eye was one about a victim whose name was misspelled on the Ground Zero memorial.

Jack Speer said...
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Jack Speer said...
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Joonji Mdyogolo said...

9/11 package for alJazeera

The site has comprehensive coverage of the anniversary, from straight news stories, “US ceremonies mark 9/11 attacks” to a variety of opinion pieces from a number of commentators.

The coverage has universal appeal because it touches on a variety of subjects. The classic “9/11 New York: Ten years on”, with iconic photograph of fire fighters and flag in the destruction, talks about all aspects of the attacks and subsequent events. And the politically controversial “Let’s forget 9/11” and “We could stop invoking 9/11 in every imaginable way so many years later.” There is a health related story about those who worked on the site who could face cancer. And reports about how 9/11 affected Pakistan, Iraq.

I enjoyed the mini-documentaries: There is an emotional tribute to the dead and other stories charting the battles subsequent to 9/11. But their social media call to readers to interact on the subject seemed half-hearted and did not get much prominence on the page. I also found the site static, in general, sort of old-school, if you compare it with US sites that have moving pictures. Their visuals were not that strong either, sometimes generic, if you think of the number of iconic 9/11 imagery.

All in all I believe that the site did a good job of capturing the significance of the events (the solemnity of the occasion), but no shying away from other subjects relevant to readers outside of the US.

Jack Speer said...

Trying to post this really cool 9-11 web posting from the NYT called The Reckoning.

For some reason I keep getting the coding wrong, but will try one more time.

9/11 New York Times.

Aaron Carter-Heart of the City said...

nine lives ten years later WashPost 911 package