For social-networking job-seekers

I include myself in that number. Here's a cautionary tale that you probably knew about already anyway.

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Ellen said...

Great link, Karin. Just out of curiosity after reading the link you posted, I looked up examples of people getting into trouble with employers because of things they posted online. This is just baffling because this person actually started ranting about their boss and forgot that they were "friends" on Facebook. I think this just goes to show how comfortable people have gotten with social media that they don't really even think twice about what they post until it could be too late. This link is also an interesting example of the extremes of how people have gotten into trouble on Facebook and social media with various personal accounts. I know when I'm posting on Facebook, I'm pretty concerned about the privacy settings, but our discussion today prompted me to want to check those settings again just to be sure nothing like this happens.