Commission in EU Turns Spotlight on Facebook over Privacy Concerns

A battle is brewing in the European Union over privacy concerns with Facebook.

The Telegraph reports on the European Commission's concerns over the social media giant's use of users' personal info by advertisers.

Have you personally found the targeted ads on Facebook off-putting?


Karin Zeitvogel said...

I just don't like the way they send me stuff about retirement funds and "how to meet over-85 singles."

Ellen said...

I think that this article brings up a really interesting topic pertaining to Facebook. When I'm on Facebook, I usually don't even think that the site could be gathering information about me or about how the ads are oddly catered to my interests. I think that this just encourages people to really see what they're signing up for with Facebook and to see how they may be sharing information with more people than they think. However, I do think that ads are a key tactic for Facebook to bring in money. It could be really detrimental if action is taken against this.