Drew Grossman: Headlines


When Wenzhou Sneezes

This is a cute headline but it doesn't really tell the reader what the story is about. If you have been keeping up with the story then you will get it, but this will go over the head of the average reader.

Winners and Losers of the Deficit Supercommittee Deadlock

This is a good headline because it tells the readers exactly what the story will be about. The headline is clear and easy to understand.

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Karin Zeitvogel said...

I always wanted Hu and Wen to meet Geoffrey Howe in Ware, Hertfordshire for talks on electricity. The headline could have been: Hu, Wen, Howe in Ware to talk watts.

And when there was the big to-do about the Miss World competition being held in Nigeria, and all the misses were dropping out, I waited patiently for Miss Switzerland to pull out. When she did, I suggested the headline: Swiss miss to miss Miss World. The ed said nyet.