A Must-Read on Aggregation

Jack Shafer writes a thoughtful piece about best practices for aggregation, while offering a defense for Jim Romenesko, who stepped down after a dozen years from his post at Poynter.

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Jack Speer said...

I came back to read the Shafer piece on Romenesko's departure from Poynter, but got drawn in the article on Chelsea Clinton instead.
The essence of the piece "Stop the Chelsea moaning;she's "somebody" is that so-called celebrity journalism isn't all that weird. Shafer says while it may not please those of us who have been in the profession for years or gone to j-school to learn our craft, its a reality. As he states here... "Journalism is less a profession than it is a description–that is, anybody with a good idea and some sources and a modicum of literary talent can commit a worthwhile (or watchable/readable) act of journalism. It hurts journalists to hear this, but there really are no bars to entry." And he goes on to say, no where is that more true than on TV. So whats an aspiring journalist or career vet to do? Keep on keeping on is my advice.It's has been true as long as I've been in the business that celebrities are viewed as good "gets" and that isn't likely to change. Continue to practice your craft to the best of your ability and the other things will sort themselves out is my take on it.