Storify Me!

Class, all of you worked today on an aggregation/curation assignment using Storify. The point is to create a brief "story" out of the social media that you aggregate on your page. Your text additions should help to put what you find into context. Bonus points for using some of your own multimedia (photos/video/audio) on the page. Please make sure you listen to/watch all the audio and video you've dragged into your template, so that it makes sense within the broader point you're trying to make. Please also be sure to add at least one box of summary text, especially to introduce long video stories. After you've saved and published your aggregation piece, please grab the link at the top, and in the comments box below this post, write your linked title for the class to see before the start of class on Tuesday, Oct. 2. Thanks! Have a great weekend! (And don't forget your third blog analysis post is also due at the start of class Tuesday.)