A humorous bad headlines page

This tumbler page is dedicated to humorous bad headlines found on news sites. I guess the mistake of a confusing headline is really easy to make. This worries me. I hope I never make a mistake that makes me sound as dumb as "Ex- HPD officer sentenced to life in rape".

However, many of the posts on this tumblr end with ellipses, suggesting that the headline actually goes on. This is less disheartening. Maybe I won't make a silly headline mistake that makes me look stupid, and this tumblr user is making up a problem that doesn't exist.

I think this site is fun to go through and read. It's also a great reminder to be careful because these kinds of mistakes can make you look really bad. They can also be good for a cheap laugh though.
The above is an example of what can be found on badheadlines.tumblr.com from a Sept. 24 posting. This is probably one of the more funny ones. A disappointing number of them are only bad headlines because they have ellipses. I think that the tumblr site could have still been entertaining and be much more accurate if the creator of the page had used actual confusing and terrible headlines rather than relying on long headlines and ellipses.

It's still a fun page to look at.

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