How do some people have jobs?

Here's one about female business owners, and it's a two for one special! A bad headline and a worse subhead! We can thank cnn.com for this:

Breaking the $1 million ceiling
Six experts debate what keeps more women entrepreneurs from growing big.

I read "breaking the $1 million ceiling" and I see Charlie, Grandpa Joe and Willy Wonka flying through the roof in the Wonkavator at the end of that splendid movie (RIP Gene Wilder). What a scene! Very touching...I've always admired the fact that the movie has that heartbreaking and frightening scene where everything is cut in half (including, you'll notice, the magnifying glass that Willy Wonka uses to show the fine print in the contract - "I said, GOOD DAY, SIR!") immediately followed by the tearjerking Wonkavator scene in which Joe tells Charlie "I can see our house!" and Willy - that Peter Pan of chocolate - hands over the proverbial keys to the factory. And that beggar told Charlie early in the movie that "Nobody ever goes in...nobody ever comes out." Obviously the beggar didn't get a golden ticket. And on side note, since I've already revealed so much about myself so far, the scene in which Augustus falls into the chocolate river is really freaky. It used to bug me out. I guess it still does! But was that worse than when Veruca fell in with the geese eggs? She was a rotten one.

The subhead is great. I'm guessing what keeps the women from growing big is something like a healthy diet and exercising often. Genetics, maybe?

From the Associated Press:

New Navy ship being built with WTC steel _ and it survived Hurricane Katrina

If it's being built...how did it survive something?

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