I thought all the photos were really interesting but i really liked the one of the young men with covered mouths (http://www.nppa.org/news_and_events/news/2005/03/images/BOP02_Web_Best_Picture_Sto.jpg) and the image of the young woman in the church (http://www.nppa.org/news_and_events/news/2005/03/images/BOP02_Web_Best_Picture_Sto.jpg). I think I was drawn into both because they were very simple, almost still, but were really loud images.

I think the first picture was great because it created a simple silhouette. The men lined in that way showed unity, that they were all going through the same thing, but because the figure wasn't shadowed, it also highlighted their individualism. Also, the small crucifix in the background on a very bright blue sky was captivating to they eye. It offered good symbolism.

I liked the second one because of its used of color. The shadows of men in the church window showed urgency or a crowdedness in the church. I felt like something important was happening there, like a meeting.

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