Photo assigment

Please find an excellent photo on a news Web site, and tell me in a few sentences why it's good. Also give the URL for the image or the story page it's on. Post your comments to the comment area below. We'll talk about them next week.


Michelle Lee said...


The women in the photo are visiting the site of a deadly grenade attack in Morelia, Mexico on Sept. 15.

This picture captured my attention becacuse of the many different emotions on each woman's face, including sadness, anger and disbelief. The genuiness of this picture shows it was not staged; instead, the photographer was able to capture these women in the middle of a very emotional moment.

Amy Holzer said...


This is a picture on cnn.com after the bailout bill failed. This man looks like he is crying or about to cry and it made the entire economic crisis seem more real and personal to me than it has before. I haven't fully understood what is happening to the economy but this picture caused me to read the article and worry more.

Danielle said...


I found this picture on CNN.com on the Anderson Cooper 360 page. He will be doing a story tonight on an island in Alaska where you CAN actually see Russia. The picture is beautiful with it's perspective showing you jsut how close Russia is to Alaska. You can see the Russian island of Big Diomede clearly only a few miles from this home in Alaska.

Cory G said...
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Cory G said...


This picture was included with a story about a medevac helicopter crash that killed four people. It caught my eye because it shows the extent of the damage to the helicopter after the crash, which really lends a sense of reality to the story. If it weren't possible to see the wreckage, it'd be harder to connect to the story on a personal level.

lkalter said...


This picture accompanies a story in USA Today about the stock market surge on Tuesday September 30th, a day after the stock market plummeted. I like this picture because it captures the emotions experienced by investing insiders and the public. The excitement is captured in the explosion of color, several elated facial expressions and powerful body language. This snapshot matches the relief from the tension and anxiety that has built among news consumers.

Nina said...


I found this picture on the L.A. Times website. I thought it was a great picture because of the emotion it evokes. The accompanying article focuses on the market drop immediately following the House rejecting the "bailout" plan. The two men depicted in the photo are obviously upset, one could even say frantic. The photo's subjects are also traders from Brazil, which shows how the rise and fall of the US' market impacts other world markets. Pictures that have emotion draw the reader.

monica said...


I found this picture on the NY Times website. It accompanies a story about the bailout, specifically the senate vote on the bailout plan. I like the picture mostly because of the angle that it was taken out, from up looking down. It intrigued me, making me stare at the picture and read the story because of it. For me, it also had meaning because the market reversed, and the words in the picture wereupside down and also backwards to read, so I was reading things like child welfare, and Libya oil backwards.

Michelle Hora said...


Found on NYTimes.com, this image is extremely informative about the story on Medicare and how they are planning to stop paying for additional costs or mistakes that are made. This image has a strong point of entry with the towel screaming "Time Out" and has much more information about the surgical area in the background. The caption tells us that the towel is used as a reminder to stop and think before closing a patient up and make sure that no sponges or instruments were left behind in the patient.

Katie Shutt said...
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Katie Shutt said...


This photo is taken from today's Washington Post and is of Sen. John McCain speaking at a small-business roundtable in Des Moines about the economic crisis.

I like this picture because McCain is the one kept in focus in the background, as he is the main subject while the others are blurred in the foreground, which allows the viewer to see that McCain has the floor while the others listen. The photographer captured McCain's expression, both in his face and body language which tells a lot of what his mood and demeanor was at the meeting. McCain looks like he is very involved and definite about this conversation.

Ian McCoy said...


This is a photo of the two presidential candidates shaking hands and smiling. there are a few things I like about this picture. The first thing I like is that it gives a sense of juxtaposition because you have these two people who are competing for the same job and constantly talking bad about each other, but will still smile and shake hands for the camera. The other thing I like in this photo is that it asks questions that would keep the reader reading the article it was associated with. After looking at this I wanted to know if the two had agreed on some things, or if they were just being civil.

chris said...


I like this photo because it conveys a lot of emotion... the way the dead baby gorilla is positioned on the mother's back shows the bond between the two creatures.

I like the position of the mother gorilla in the photo, the fact that she of off center and facing toward the right, where there is more space. I like how the mother's face is turned away. To me, that conveys a sense of grief better than showing her actual face on camera.

I like the green backdrop in contrast to the dark fur of the two animals... the bright vivid colors really grabs the reader's attention.