Photo Critique

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Photo Critique

September 26, Day in Photos, Photo #5

This photo is extremely effective because it implements a variety of visual, photography techniques that allow for an engaging, interesting picture.

The first technique the photographer uses is the rule of thirds. There are three subjects that draw the viewer's eyes: the two men in black on the left, the man in the middle in white, and the man in black on the right. For whatever reason, it is more pleasing visually when a picture can be divided into definitive thirds, and this one can.

Another reason this photo is effective is because the photographer got close to his subjects. By not being timid and being near his subjects, the photographer was able to capture the emotions of joy on their faces.

It is also obvious that this photo captures a moment, and is not staged, as evidenced by the fact that none of the subjects are looking at the camera. They most likely do not even know they are being photographed. This "capturing the moment" is important for journalism photography because it tells a story through a scene, and allows the reader to see a slice of reality.

Another important characteristic in this photo is the parallelism and symmetry between the four men. The man in white has men in black on both sides of him. Also, the focus of the picture draws the reader because his white suit sticks out in the photo.

Last, this photograph is particularly effective because of the juxtaposition between the black and white clothing the four men are wearing. Black and white are commonly juxtaposed because they are polar opposites. In addition to the color of the four men's clothing, what they are actually wearing also creates juxtaposition. The men on the sides are in slacks and black sweaters. Yet, the man in the middle is in some kind of futuristic, astronautical space suit-looking uniform. This begs the viewer to ask why the man in the middle is dressed like this around people wearing normal clothes.

-Pete Wolfinger

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