Blogs everywhere you turn

I’ve found it surprising that over the last couple of years, even in the last year, everywhere I turn, people are finding their information from blogs. Not only are blogs quicker (than waiting around for the 5 o’clock news) but also they share some information not considered mainstream. I know lots of people who check out different blogs daily, not only because they have update information quick, but because it contains information many can’t find anywhere else. I have one friend who has lists upon lists of blogs she looks at, sometimes daily, but definitely weekly. Usually these blogs are meant to inform about topics not on the news or anywhere else. I know lots of people who read celebrity blogs, not only are they quicker than waiting for the new People or US Weekly to come out, but also, it’s free. Other people have transitioned to blogs because that seems to be the only place to find information anymore. My same friend only looks at music blogs for her music anymore, MTV is all reality shows, and she never listens to the radio anymore. This seems to be the case for me too, I can’t find really good music a lot without turning to the internet to find it, everywhere else is so limited, and blogs are making it unlimited. It’s quicker to check out blogs and hear what you want than waiting for a good song to play on the radio. Because so many sit at computers all day, and with technology allowing people to access the internet everywhere, blogs have become the standby for providing information. Just the other day I saw a girl on the shuttle bus looking at perezhilton.com on her i-phone, she couldn’t’ wait the 20 more minutes until she got to her apartment/dorm/house. People want access all the time, and to get information anyway possible and blogs are allowing people to do just that.

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