Holiday Shopping Guides on News Sites

We talked a little bit about the election packages on news Web sites and it seems we almost now expect that when there's something going on in the country, there will be a web package that accompanies it.

I put that little theory to the test and searched on several different news sites to see if that had holiday shopping guides like they did election guides...and they do.

Though they're way less in-depth as the election guides, news sites are offering tips and info about the shopping market this season. I wasn't surprised to see a lot of cheap gift ideas, given the economy, as well as "green gift" ideas.

Here are some examples that are easily linked from the home pages:

The Today Show, via MSNBC's Web site, offers a new type of video segments where products can be "clicked" as they're being discussed in the video for more information.

A little less interesting, CNN offers a slideshow of gift ideas and pictures with a short paragraph describing each. I wonder if they'll up their game as the holidays get closer to compete with other sites.

That Washington Post offers a shmorgishborg of Holiday gift ideas, entertainment, fashion and family-time survival tips. It's like mini packages in one big package...some useful information on this one.

As I wasn't surprised to see bigger and better Web packages compared to last year, I wonder what the next big package will be for news Web sites that we now expect?

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