Resume package due on Wednesday

Reminder: Resume packages are due at the beginning of class Wednesday: Turn in to my folder on the x drive your last name folder, which will include your photos folder, your edited resume page, and a clips page or a photo montage page. Each page should link to the other (using just the file names in the link tags; full URLs will not work because the pages are not live yet. Please DO NOT PUT DRIVE LETTERS, such as h or x, in any of your links).

Both pages should include a banner at the top; they should also include copyright info and a back to top link.

You must work independently. You may not take layouts from other students.

The second page could link to published writing or broadcast samples --news clips, press releases, audio or video clips. Or the second page could be a montage of photos you've taken of friends, family or travel. The two pages, when linked together, must include at least one external link, a banner graphic created by you, and at least one photo. All links and navigation on your pages must work; all text must make sense and be written in AP style. Each factual mistake will result in a full letter-grade deduction, as will each broken link and broken image. Projects turned in late will lose a full letter grade for each day that they're late. This should be something you'd be proud to show a prospective employer.

Unreadable pages (because of bad color choices for fonts or backgrounds) will result in an automatic F. Text on both pages should follow AP style for print throughout.

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