Links to Your Multimedia Stories

Class, I thought you'd like to be able to look at each other's final multimedia stories. Links follow below. Could you also add a link to your published resume packages, in the comment area of this post? Thanks! I hope to have these graded and back to you Friday, when you turn in your final Web site analysis papers. Best, Chris

  • Fives Gets the (Alternative) Party Started, by Nancy Chow: http://www.jclass.umd.edu/652352/2009spring/fives/fives.html

  • Buzzworthy, by Kelly Brooks, http://www.jclass.umd.edu/652352/2009spring/umdquiz/quizteam.html

  • Benefit Concert, by Courtney Pomeroy: http://www.jclass.umd.edu/652352/2009spring/benefitconcert/elsalvadorbenefit.html

  • Edmonston's Pumping Station, by Ellie Falaris: http://www.jclass.umd.edu/652352/2009spring/edmonston/falaris_page.html

  • Masterpeace Community Farm, by Allison Frick: http://www.jclass.umd.edu/652352/2009spring/growiteatit/growiteatit.html

  • Gamer Symphony Orchestra, by Nadine Simpson: http://www.jclass.umd.edu/652352/2009spring/gso/gso.html

  • Street Sense, by Andrew Smith, http://www.jclass.umd.edu/652352/2009spring/street_sense/street.html

  • The Birds and the Bees, by Lauren Cohen, http://www.jclass.umd.edu/652352/2009spring/umdprofessors/umdprofessors.html

  • Not Your Average Sorority House Resident, by Brittany Fertig, http://www.jclass.umd.edu/652352/2009spring/housedirector/story.html

  • Life Coaching, by Lacey Cohen: http://www.jclass.umd.edu/652352/2009spring/coaching/default.html

  • Earth, Life, Time's Up, by Michael Jaffe: http://www.jclass.umd.edu/652352/2009spring/elt/eltfeature.html

  • Semester at Sea, by Dayna Ryan, http://www.jclass.umd.edu/652352/2009spring/SeaSemester2/WebPackage.html