A New Type of Blogging?

www.textsfromlastnight.com has been around since around February of this year. Recently though it has been growing in popularity. The site seems to be inspired by other sites like fmylife.com which is incredibly popular, especially on college campuses. This new website allows users to submit texts message either they received or sent during recent nights. A lot of them can actually be pretty funny.
I just think it's interesting that these new types of blogs are popping up. There is no real way to tell who it is that posted the text messages but they do post the area code of their phone and anyone else involved in the conversation. Also, if you were the one involved in the conversation surely you would be able to tell it's you. There is a new option on the site that allows readers to vote on whether or not the night was a good night or bad night based on a single text or a few correspondences that are posted.
This isn't news blogging, but textsfromlastnight.com is hosted by a blogging site and treated as a blog with users posting their "blogs" or texts and others commenting on them. I was just wondering what everyone thought about all these new types of sites that are coming up?

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Nadine said...

I think all of those sites are great. They aren't meant to send out a lot of real news, they're just supposed to be fun. It's not exactly journalism, but it's an interesting new way to use the internet and make it relevant for today.