Field Trip Nov. 18 to usatoday.com

On Nov. 18 we'll be carpooling to usatoday.com, at 7950 Jones Branch Drive in McLean, Va. Class will begin at 1:45 p.m., to allow time for driving. If possible, give yourself an hour driving and parking time. You'll pull in to the parking lot by the security booth (on the right) before you get to the building. Park in the lot to the side of the building, and come to the lobby, where you'll sign in with the security desk. We'll meet there in the lobby.

We'll talk with staffers Denny Gainor, Anne Willette and Marisol Bello about storytelling, story presentation and reader interaction. You will be given assigned questions to answer about the visit; your typed responses will count as an in-class grade, and will be due by e-mail before the start of the next class Nov. 25.

If you'd like, we could pre-arrange for carpools. If you need a ride or can share a ride in your car, please post a comment to this post. Be sure to leave your contact info.

We'll end the session at 3:15 p.m., to allow driving time before your next class.

See you there!
Best, chris


Lauren said...

I need a ride! I get out of class at 12:50. Please let me know if anyone who has a car can take me. Thanks!

Daniela Feldman said...

I would also greatly appreciate a ride! Please let me know if you are driving and I could come with you. Thanks!! Daniela

Greg Schimmel said...

I can drive a few people on Wednesday. My car is in the Mowatt garage so if you're able to meet over there that would work. E-Mail me at schimmeldbk@gmail.com and I guess it will be first-come, first-serve.

Sophie Terbush said...

I can also drive, and my car is also in the Mowatt garage. E-mail me at sterbush@umd.edu if you want a ride, I can take up to 4 people.

Chris Harvey said...

I can drive, too. My lunch appt. is canceled; I'll be leaving the J school at 12:30 sharp, and can take three others. E-mail me with my class 3-mail if you want a ride. Best, Chris