Advertising on mobile phones to help newspaper?

I read an article from The Hindu (http://www.thehindu.com/2009/12/01/stories/2009120155921100.htm) which said many newspapers are beginning to advertise their content more on mobile phones in order to draw in more readers. By featuring more content for mobile phones, newspaper companies are hoping to gain a leg up on competitors in this newer medium. Because the use of mobile phones to search the internet and finds news is steadily increasing, I was wondering if any of you thought this was a good way for media outlets to gain popularity or readers?



We saw at USA Today how excited everyone was about developing a really great USA Today iPhone application.

Also, by appealing to mobile users, they are targeting a specific group that advertisers would be very interested in reaching.

Obviously, in these tough times for newspapers it is important to stay relevant to people in any way possible. This is just another way of doing that.

Katie said...

I think that it could be an affective advertising outlet. It will also be annoying. People view their cell phones as private lines, and when companies hack into them or start sending them messages or phone calls, people get turned off by it. Telemarketers have a hard time making a sell on a cell phone. I think that it's a good idea because it will get so many views, but it's also annoying.