Today you'll be using Twitter.com to "tweet" our discussion.

First, sign in.

When you get to the "What are you doing" screen, simply type in this slug for this discussion: #classtweets

Leave a space after the slug, and begin typing your reasoned comment or summary of the events. Remember, you've got to be exceptionally succinct: You've got only 140 characters with each take. And please remember that the world can read your remarks. So be accurate and fair.

To follow other "tweets" from classmates and others during this discussion, open up another browser window and go to:
Type in #classtweets, and all the comments for this thread will display.

Hit "refresh" periodically to see new comments.

We're experimenting with this technology because it is increasingly being used journalistically--to find story ideas and sources, to tout published stories and to send in quick updates from the field on breaking news stories.

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