Two Not So Adept Headlines and A Good Headline

While searching for bad headlines, I came upon two that struck me as being poorly worded. The first “The Most Awsomest Thing Ever,” written in Time, doesn’t seem to do justice to the credbility and statue of a respected organization such as Time Magazine Online. Proper use of words for headlines is key towards attracting a readers interest, and this headline glorifies the use of slang instead of using proper language to inform its readers. Even though I believe the intent of the author was to be “silly,” and to match the headline with the subject matter of the article, I still believe that the headline should be worded properly and avoid the use of slang terminology.
The other headline that I found that made me read it twice was, “Ohio executes murderer of teen,” by CNN. I think the word choice and placement of this headline did not flow very well. I think the “of” in the headline makes the reader pause and reread the entire headline. If I would have rewritten this headline it would be, “Ohio executes teen murderer” because it flows better and has the same meaning. I also think if you take out “of” and place teen before murderer, it makes it a more powerful headline and matches the tone of the article more.

One headline that I liked was “Impact of War,” because it matched the tone and subject of the article. The headline is clear, concise,and powerful. As a reader I was drawn to the story immediately due to the short and powerful meaning. Also I can tell by the headline that the article is feature story and has stories about people affected by our current war. Therefore I feel the headline matched the contents and tone of the story.

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