Deadline for Resume Pushed Back One Week to Oct. 10

Class, just wanted to underscore what I said verbally in class on Monday: I'm pushing back the deadline on the Wordpress resume by one week -- so that we can do a bit more work in class next week with your Wordpress sites before the resume is due. That means now that both the resume and the first blog post will be due on Oct. 10.

The first blog post -- and the other nine -- will be analyses of the professional site you chose at the start of class. Here is the question to answer for blog 1, due Oct. 10: Introduce us to this site: Its history, audience, ownership, mission and staff. Has it radically changed direction (in content, staffing or business plans) in recent years? Please consult previously written stories and site "about us" or media kit pages, and link and attribute information appropriately.

If you get your resume copyediting tweaks done before next week, we may be able to start it on Wordpress in class.

Best, Chris Harvey

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