Good and bad headlines

Good: Craigslist CEO feels 'terribly' about Craigslist killer


I like this headlines because a lot of people use Craigslist to find all sorts of things, it makes me want to know whether I should be afraid to use Craigslist if it's about an actual safety threat or if it's just using a stronger word to emphasize a story. Also, since Craigslist is so popular, it's a good search term.

Bad: One billion expected to celebrate Earth Day

It's vague. Lots of people celebrate lots of federal holidays. I care about Earth Day, I don't know what numbers normally are or how they're getting them. I'd rather see the title say something about how people are celebrating the holiday in a way that's unique or interesting. Lots of kindergartners plant trees in the playground, is that what I'm going to read about here? It's also about something that will happen; the article would be more interesting after the fact when there are pictures. However, the article does have some great photos despite this. Therefore, they should take advantage of them and use one of them to draw the headline from.

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