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I am Google obsessed and am subscribed to so many services that they have. A new one that I am getting into is Google Reader - Play. If you have ever used the website Stumble Upon then you are already familiar with the format. Reader Play browses the Internet for you. It directs you to random websites. It allows you to "star" or share different websites. If you "star" enough websites, it catches on and recognizes what kind of material you are interested in seeing on the Internet.

It uses the same technology that Google Reader does in generating the websites it directs you to. Also, if you already have a Google Reader account, it lets you share the websites you find interesting with other people. It also connects to your Google Buzz account.

I am a little disappointed that it seems to be a rip-off of Stumble Upon, but I am sure that Google will make theirs more impressive somehow. Especially since Google is so prevalent on the Internet, I am sure that it will have access to more websites than other similar programs. Reader Play gives all sorts of information from funny pictures, to interesting editorials and online magazine articles.

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Thanks for sharing, Caitlin!