News Media Topic: Sport Team Creates Web Browser

I have recently come across a very interesting news media topic regarding new web browsers. For sports fans, this information might be appealing to you. The Liverpool Football Club has created a themed web browser for its for devoted sport fans. Its purpose to not only attract its followers, but to advertise its enterprise. To access this web browser, you have go to LiverpoolFC.TV under the subhead:Fans, you can click on LFC Browser to download it. This Liverpool sports team browser provides fans with updates, videos, news, tickets, and social networking sites. This web browser might be the first step for more sports teams to adverstise and appeal to their fans. But at the same time, it might add a degree of obsession for sports fans.

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Matt said...

The idea of having a team-themed web browser almost reminds me of an iPhone/iPod application. It provides quick access to all kinds of information without you even having to go to a specific website. For example, staying with the soccer theme, ESPN has a World Cup application available for mobile devices. If you access it, you can see the latest news about every team, a schedule, score updates, etc. It's more information with one click than anyone would ever conceivably need, but in this media world, there's no such thing as too much!

It's interesting how sports teams and sports media are reaching out to fans, who can never seem to get enough of their favorite sports and favorite teams. Like everything else, the sports world is somehow becoming a world with a 24/7 news cycle and prospective sports journalists like some of us at UMD will certainly have a role in communicating with fans either from a sports media standpoint or a PR standpoint, like the designers of the Liverpool web browser.