News Media Topic: iGoogle = Personalized Homepage

I also found that iGoogle is a personalized homepage sponsored by Google. It allows you to check your email, weather, schedule, news, and any other information you want to access. For instance, today I inputed my birthday and was able to read my horoscope based on my day and year of birth. Also, I can input my daily schedule, so I can see it every day and make sure I don’t miss any appointments. But to access this personalized form of iGoogle, you must have a gmail account and create your own homepage with a colored theme, location, and interests. I find this iGoogle homepage very appealing to the daily Internet user because it has some many components that can be personalized to the user.

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Hiba Akhtar said...

That's really cool! I just checked out iGoogle. I thought the Google Gadgets were a cute touch:)