An example of breaking news on an online-only news magazine

News is breaking today about a gunman who killed two people at Virginia Tech's campus.

As an example of how a modern news website combines breaking news, here's Huffington Post's page of coverage on the event.

It has a text story that's been edited throughout the day, links to multiple videos, a live blog, a link to another news source's live news feed, and a Twitter feed.

In such a short time, all this has been added to the story in a practice which is now considered to be standard. Journalism has never been so multimedia-focused.

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Dave Nyczepir said...

As sad as this story was, in hindsight there wasn't much to it. The gunman shot the officer and then himself, so much of the coverage that came after was overblown speculation about where the gunman was.

Far better examples of the benefits of online media and microblogging in telling news are U.S. Airways Flight 1549 landing in the Hudson River and the Discovery Channel hostage situation.

The recent Tech shooting speaks more to the dangers of relying too heavily on amateur multimedia coverage, after a news event has occurred, in my mind.