Most Kids Want an IPAD for Christmas

I saw this story on WUSA-TV this morning and thought about you, Chris! According to Nielson.com, the iPad tops Santa's wish list, followed by the iPod Touch.


Chris Harvey said...

Thanks, Kathy!

This story does indeed resonate in our home; I suspect Santa may be leaving an i-something under our Christmas tree for the family.

On a related note, I just finished reading the Steve Jobs book by Walter Isaacson. I was alternately aghast by how unabashedly nasty Jobs could be to people - particularly his employees and friends - and spellbound by how truly brilliant he could be at building and leading a revolutionary digital company filled with "A" players who excelled in hardware, software, design and creative leaps of imagination. After reading of his multitude of tirades, I didn't expect to find myself tearing up at the end. But I did. A wonderful piece of reporting and writing by Isaacson. If you're looking for a holiday gift for people interested in the technology revolution, this may be your answer....

Karin Zeitvogel said...

Kids? What about us old fogies???