Maybe USA Today isn't the Evil Empire!

OK, I admit it. I had a bias going in on this trip. Having done work in the 90's for Channel 9, also owned by Gannett, I had heard lots of bad stuff about the newspaper side of the company. How it sucked up money from everything else. When I saw the new building I could believe it. But I came away from this visit really impressed.

It seems to me that USA Today in terms of the digital space is doing a ton of things right. Frankly, they are doing stuff I wish we at NPR were doing. The fact they now have the print and digital folks together is not unique. Everyone is trying the same thing, but it appears they have done a better job of making it work. I also like the fact they appear to have a true employee mentoring and development program. Believe me not everyone does these days!

So, anyway..I liked what I saw. I also like that upper level folks are giving journalists and others the chance to play with the new technology. Here are a few shots from our trip, since you probably noticed I was taking lots of iPhone pictures.

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