9 trends journalists must know about to keep their careers going

I found an article by this title on Forbes.com and found it to be a very interesting one. It started by saying that Facebook is changing the ad business and other sites like Twitter and LinkedIn are changing the news business. Journalists today are becoming younger and younger and people around the world who are not even trained journalists are changing the business. The article laid out 9 things that journalists need to learn about:

  1. Networks- Journalists today need to learn how to manipulate networks of people on social media sites. Sites like Facebook provide a huge portion of online traffic and journalists need to know how to produce relevant information that will appeal to this type of audience. 
  2. Platforms-Journalists need to build platform experience by sending out easy-to-use publishing tools to a large array of creators. 
  3. Rivers and Streams- Links are incredibly important to include on every website, whether they link internally or to other websites. 
  4. Mobile Summaries- It is important to include a summary of stories for mobile users that are looking for a fast way to consume news. 
  5. Shareable Content- It is also important to have "fluff" stories on news sites because it creates traffic from shared content between users. Hard news doesn't have good clickability but fun stories do. 
  6. Ad View-ability- When readers can't avoid ads, it is actually better and they are more likely to view or click on them. 
  7. Programatic Buying- The advertising buisiness is changing with companies like Google AdX. 
  8. Native Advertising- Another new trend is branding your website, making sure to build content that promotes your own brand. 
  9. Video- Video on sites like YouTube is becoming huge. Publishers look for video because it is easy for users to view and is very profitable. 

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Thanks, Elizabeth. Please add a link to the original story, to give it proper attribution. Thanks.