Can Vine be used for News Reporting?

Vine is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of social media. It's ability to let its users make short, 6-second videos set on repeat allows for creativity and fun without seeming too overextended and long.

As journalists, we are expected to keep up with all types of social media or risk appearing out of date. However, the way the app is set up and the run time of the videos makes Vine seem more geared toward humor and "softer" news. In fact, the Washington Post just tweeted a link to a Vine of John Boehner yelling, "Are you kidding me!" I know that some, like Turkey Pulse journalist Tulin Daloglu in her coverage of the terrorist attack on the US embassy in Turkey, have used it in a more hard hitting style, but it seems as if Vine doesn't lend itself to this type of journalism very well.

Do you think Vine will take over as the next platform for news reporting, or is it more of a complimentary feature to the actual news? 

Also, I know many news outlets have accounts on Vine already, but they don't seem to get much use. Do you think that the news industry is still figuring out the right place for Vine videos in news reporting, and more use will come once media outlets become more accustomed to it? 

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