How will you use Storify?

As we learned in class, Storify can be used to tell a story based on various social media devices and users. From Twitter to Instagram to Vine to other Storify stories, user-generated content has been compiled in the past to tell some of the most polarizing stories since Storify's inception in 2010. After doing some research, I've provided a few of those from the past year that really shed a new light on the story from the public's angle - because nothing tells the truth more than user-generated content. Enjoy these with me:

  1. The Boston Marathon bombing in April was an event that few could have imagined, much less prepared for what would transpire in the waning days after the tragic attacks. The suburbs surrounding Boston were placed on lockdown as police and military forces searched for the suspected terrorist. CNN created a Storify afterwards compiling all of the tweets, pictures and reports coming out of Watertown, Mass. during the search. 
  2. Super Bowl XLVII, like every year, was the most watched and most consumed sporting event of 2013. With that comes people of all kinds going to social media sites to enjoy and contribute to the atmosphere that is the Super Bowl. February's installment of the NFL championship game provided more than enough newsworthy events. ABC Houston compiled all of the juiciest and noteworthy social media posts in their Storify. 
  3. This Storify post set a record with 1.5 million views - and it was created by a college student. It outlines the story of the middle school bus monitor that was bullied, spurning action from social media users to raise $700,000 for her. 
  4. As the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 came and went just a few months ago, MSNBC created a Storify to compile how social media reacted with the hashtag, #WhereWereYou. From celebrities to regular Twitter users, the public remembered one of the worst days in American history together over social media. 
  5. Just a few months ago, news broke of Twitter going public and filing for an IPO. Naturally, citizens and journalists alike took to Twitter to voice their opinions. This Storify captures those sentiments perfectly. 

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