Good and Not-so-good Headlines

Good: Pulling all the right strings

I like this headline because it is a use of figurative language and a play on what the context of the story is actually about. Sometimes, when you need to get to a certain point in life, you need to pull some strings to get there. Jim Henson used strings to operate his puppets. He pulled all the right strings to gain his fame and fortune. It might sound a little cheesey when you analyze it, but up front it's short and sweet.

Not-so-Good: Curious George goes bananas in Mexico City

First off, I actually think this headline is good and quite clever. However, my post is in relation to what headlines can do when they are not placed correctly. This monkey story got my attention because it was bulleted underneath a larger headline of "Karl Rove heckled and pelted on college campus" leading me to believe that Karl Rove was "heckled and pelted" on a "Mexico City college campus" by a "Curious George gone bananas." USA Today needs to be a little more careful about spacing, bulleting, bolding and underlining when it comes to grouping its headlines.

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