Good/Bad Headlines

In my opinion, the Baltimore Sun article titled “His Head’s Way Above Water” is a good headline. This headline is clever in describing Baltimore’s Michael Phelps’ consecutive wins in the swimming World Championships in Australia. In addition, the headline does not give away the story and intrigues the reader into wanting to read the article. This headline/article can be found at.... http://www.baltimoresun.com/extras/news/printedition/SunFrontPage.pdf

However, in my opinion, the Baltimore Sun article titled ‘Driving While Texting' is a no-so-adept headline. The story following this headline discusses the dangers of cell phone texting while driving a car. Much of the public is aware that texting while driving is dangerous and causes many car accidents. Thus, I believe the headline for this article could have been more discrete and not totally give away the story. I would think readers glancing over this headline would not be curious as to what lies behind it and ignore the story completely. This headline/article can be found at...



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